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From collaborative arts for individuals to participatory design practice in the public realm, Flour creates and develops art projects and products of design with strong social motivations. Our vision is to make meaningful public art and design that redefine the landscape of collective participative practice. Our work can create an intense and long-lasting sense of ownership of shared spaces.

For us the act of taking part builds powerful emotive ties with a locality, an occasion, history and eclectic aspects of personal stories. We take the existing landscape or situation as a starting point for uncovering complex underlying realities, revealing how places and moments shape and are shaped by people.

Flour creates and develops new art projects, products, services, experiences and spaces. The studio also conducts a broad range of research activities, educates, and provides industry and institutions with a range of research and people-centric services.

Flour belongs to an emerging generation of creative people re-writing the conventions of how and why things are made. Emphasis is placed on learning from both traditional craft based practices alongside the experimental edge of scientific and technological remodelling underlined by a meaningful understanding of the complexity of promoting a sustainable cultural arena for people to enjoy their shared experiences.

We are practicing artists, experienced designers, exhibition organizers, tutors, students, photographers, film makers and optimists but most importantly we are fun, passionate, dedicated creative individuals who love working with people.

We’re not afraid to ask difficult questions and to propose the unexpected. Our approach is co-operative and we are interested in a non-gallery based democratisation of presentation of creative outcomes.

Working in collaboration with communities, participants and funding partners Flour has delivered some distinctive projects over the last 10 years.

Currently Fabiane Lee-Perrella is the driving force behind Flour. She is an artist and designer and also a lecturer at Camberwell College of Art and Design – University of the Arts. She is also a researcher exploring the landscape of collectively created art for public spaces.

3D Design @ Camberwell – UAL





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