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Wickerd is a collaborative project commissioned by Crossway Foundation. It invited participants to collaborate with Flour to invert, reverse and subvert unchallenged notions about the application of basketry by creating together a new architectural space through ancient techniques using a mixture of natural and hi-tech man made materials. Basketry is frequently perceived as a process […]

holding-hands croBie:
holding-hands croBie:

Crochet is fun! Life is too short to be serious all the time. So, some times we play. We play so that we can think better. Holding-Hands CroBie was born in one of these special moments. Watch as this family grows.

love plates:
love plates:

Love Plates is a limited edition commemorative plates to celebrate Britain in love. People were invited to sit for portrait photographs and these images were transferred onto bone china plates designed especially for the Festival of Britain 60th anniversary. The plates were hung to form a ‘love wall’ during the Royal Wedding celebrating and most […]

project morrinho – southbank centre favela :
project morrinho - southbank centre favela :

  Flour developed and led the process in which the members of Morrinho engaged and collaborated with a group of young people from Lambeth. This engagement and new relationship formed the basis for the creative process that conceived and produced the new installation at the Southbank Centre during Festival Brazil 2010. Through a series of […]

boteco favela:
boteco favela:

Flour designed the Boteco Favela area at the Royal Festival Hall for the Festival Brazil. The area features films created by the young men that hand-built Project Morrinho, a social project in Rio de Janiero that takes the form of a model favela made from bricks and found materials. There are also films created as […]

tate takeover 2009:
tate takeover 2009:

Tate Takeover 2009 from Our Flour on Vimeo. The Raw Canvas Programme at the Tate Modern invited the BA honours in 3D Design at Camberwell College to take over the Tate Modern Turbine Hall for the entire weekend. Students created bicycle potato peelers, a 3D exquisite corpse, a make-your-own seeded brick for growing food and […]

free-piece suite :
free-piece suite :

Flour has just been appointed by FutureCity to produce the first embedded seating project for The Pond, Stockwell Park Estate, Brixton as part of a public art programme for a 5 year phased regeneration/re-development project within Lambeth Council for Network Housing Group.  The public art programme for Stockwell Park is aimed at building relationships with […]

dip and grow: craft lab – Origin 2008 :
dip and grow: craft lab - Origin 2008 :

Collaborating with artist Karen Richmond Dip and Grow Craft Lab was an evening of experimental mass participation at Origin 2008, Somerset House commissioned by the Crafts Council.  Participants were invited to take part in a dip coating test laboratory in order to transform blank objects into vibrant, colourful and bespoke hand-made pieces with their own […]

village people :
village people :

podcasts Click on the image to hear stories of Village People living in Stockwell Park and Robsart Village. Working in partnership with Futurecity Flour is currently running the public art programme for a 5 year phased regeneration/re-development project within Lambeth Council of Stockwell Park, Brixton for Network Housing Group. ‘Village people’ is an exciting new […]

the land of green ginger :
the land of green ginger :

‘The Land of Green Ginger’ explored spaces of encounters between refugee families who had moved into Hull and their host communities.  Bringing together residents from the Thornton Estate, Hull and recently arrived Congolese refugees we embarked on a beautiful journey of discovery and growth to produce a unique and admirably crafted mass-participation art installation at […]

tate takeover :

The Raw Canvas Programme at the Tate Modern invited the BA honors in 3D design at Camberwell College to take over the Tate Modern Turbine Hall for the evening. Students created huge kaleidoscopes, plush dolls, invisible mazes and much more. This project was in collaboration with Karen Richmond and assisted by Flour.

light stories :

Light Stories ‘Light Stories’ located in Solihull, Birmingham was an example of a project by Flour that aimed at creating a sense of pride, community ownership of a shared environment and a better understanding and respect of values and needs across generations.  Applying a sustainable and self-generating approach to culture and the environment this public […]

design & technology show @ NEC – for goldsmiths college :

as you can see we had some fun with the goldsmiths people on this one. we had a relatively big stand to show how creative we are. the products on show : ideas. our concern : how to be as sustainable as we possibly can in such a wasteful environment – the trade fair show. […]

manual colourido :

Manual Colourido is a truly collaborative work-of-art, proposing an entire new dimension to a creative project. By stimulating observation, collaborative experimentation Manual Colourido enables creativity through innovative uses of technology. Bringing together digital photography as a tool and excuse to literally ‘focus’ through the lenses topics of significance, image manipulation and juxtaposition to re-create visually […]

tea time on tow :

Designer on the verge of a London Festival On the verge, literally, of the 2004 London Design Festival, TEA-TIME-ON TOW was a lively feature of much of the London Design Festival, including the World Creative Forum, 100% design, Design Museum, Truman Brewery and Gainsborough Studios, and was host to the great and the good, from […]

wall therapy :

‘Wall Therapy’ is the first example of flour and loop bringing together design and science. We believe that bringing together design and science in entirely new ways will do nothing less than create completely new branches of design – and should also afford new ways of informing several areas of science. ‘Wall Therapy’ brings together […]

english park bench :

the bench is something that aimed to encourage  people into design by sitting on it, playing with it and giving it an identity through their own ‘mark’.  It was inspired by the quintessentially english uses of the park bench:  meeting, talking, vandalism, thinking, kissing, making love. it was originally going to be left in milano, […]

acrylic communication :

As an example of flour’s ‘participative design’ and ‘intimate design’ approach exploring the relationship between people, things and communication, we wanted to emphasise flour’s ‘Your Tile’ concept to a much bigger scale for flour.  So, at Designersblock Korea 2002 people were invited to communicate by engraving on a 2 metre acrylic block.  The result is […]

your flour :

A blank tile is transformed into a highly personalised object by anyone.  It can become anything from a small object of art, to a gift or a note to a lover, to individual wall tiles. Yourflour is an example of flour’s ‘Participative Design’ and ‘Intimate Design’ approach that explores the relationship between people, things and […]

drip dry :

drip dry is a product influenced by many things.  First, by flours tendency to be irreverent about design sometimes.  Second, by our ‘disposable culture’.  Third, by combining the otherwise contradictory notions of intimacy and utilitarian.  The result is something that makes everyone smile (good), has no waste (after wearing the pants you can use them […]

skin & frame :

These chairs are the result of an exploration of three things central to flour’s research focus.  First is flour’s concept of ‘intimate design’.  Second is the ‘re-invention’ of design by combining the ordinary with the extraordinary.  Third is the focus on technological innovation.  All three came together in skin & frame through the forging of […]