Flour the matter of people

design & technology show @ NEC – for goldsmiths college :

as you can see we had some fun with the goldsmiths people on this one. we had a relatively big stand to show how creative we are.

the products on show : ideas.

our concern : how to be as sustainable as we possibly can in such a wasteful environment – the trade fair show.

the solution : ‘box standard’ literally

each crate houses a research theme, all of the crates are entirely reusable and easily adaptable, and the older the get the more interesting they look.  and we love them!

no throw away carpet for us thank you very much. green and real grass please. it even brings the fresh smell of the open fields entirely free.

the signage and prospectus bags came from reusing past years goldsmiths open day banners with the help of the girls from the BA Ed Design and Technology program.

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