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Light Stories

‘Light Stories’ located in Solihull, Birmingham was an example of a project by Flour that aimed at creating a sense of pride, community ownership of a shared environment and a better understanding and respect of values and needs across generations.  Applying a sustainable and self-generating approach to culture and the environment this public lighting project created a gentle space through an intimate approach in collaborative art and teamwork telling a story about the residents.  The lack of communication and misunderstanding across generations and cultures with no real investment or responsibility for shared spaces was turned around through the project into the creation of a striking square that brought the home out into the public realm.  By bringing this domestic value to the outside a safe, calm and peaceful environment for the residents to share and cherish was created.


The 1st event brought the community together through a social tea event where a map of the area was set into a coffee table.  Residents were encouraged to write how they felt about different areas on the estate and what could be improved.

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