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boteco favela:

Boteco Favela 01

Flour designed the Boteco Favela area at the Royal Festival Hall for the Festival Brazil. The area features films created by the young men that hand-built Project Morrinho, a social project in Rio de Janiero that takes the form of a model favela made from bricks and found materials. There are also films created as part of a new collaboration with a group of ten young residents of Stockwell Park Estate that has resulted in a new favela sculpture on the Royal Festival Hall terrace. The space took its name from Brazilian street bars known as ‘Botecos’. The boteco is an institution of Brazilian daily life. They are traditionally known as the place to be. They are intimate local bars that are open all they long where people meet, eat, drink, watch TV (mainly football and soaps), play music, gossip and watch life passing by. They are everywhere for everyone. Romanticized by artists through music and poetry, botecos are also places of encounters amongst the Brazilian bohemians who choose their friendly atmosphere for casual conversations. Notoriously some of the most regarded Brazilian works of art were and are conceived on the botecos napkin with the waiter’s pen.


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