Flour the matter of people

dip and grow: craft lab – Origin 2008 :

Collaborating with artist Karen Richmond Dip and Grow Craft Lab was an evening of experimental mass participation at Origin 2008, Somerset House commissioned by the Crafts Council.  Participants were invited to take part in a dip coating test laboratory in order to transform blank objects into vibrant, colourful and bespoke hand-made pieces with their own personality.  Craft Lab was a celebration of a process both industrial and handmade and succeeded in creating an experimental ‘domestic dip coating’ laboratory bringing dip coating to the masses!

Dip coating is well known as a mass manufacturing process that is carried out in industrial units behind closed doors. The intention was to demystify the process and bring it to a hand made environment in order to question and test established ideas of what makes an object precious. Through the lab the hidden element of the craftsperson was brought to the forefront staged and transparent, visitors were able to learn and engage in a fun and enjoyable way not primarily focused on the point of sale but on playful making.

Participants experienced an immediate, contemporary and bespoke process where blank objects acquired personality.  Craft lab is a celebration of process, people and play in order to de-mystify industrial processes by turning participants into craftspeople and playful makers.


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