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free-piece suite :


Flour has just been appointed by FutureCity to produce the first embedded seating project for The Pond, Stockwell Park Estate, Brixton as part of a public art programme for a 5 year phased regeneration/re-development project within Lambeth Council for Network Housing Group.  The public art programme for Stockwell Park is aimed at building relationships with the community and developing approaches for diverse and meaningful public art.

‘Free-Piece Suite’ aims to explore relationships between the furniture and objects we treasure and the relationships and environments in which we experience precious moments with these items.  By emphasizing the relationships between the residents homes and a special communal space free-piece suite will create a cosy environment where residents of all generations can sit and have a moment of reflection, read, love, socialise, educate themselves and share stories in a green and peaceful setting.  The translation of a favourite seat or setting from the residents houses into the outdoors, the chairs and environments in which they most comfortably rest will be extended to the whole community.  By developing a hardwearing embedded artwork with the participation of the residents the project will encourage respect for the communities shared spaces and a strong sense of identity for the area.

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