Flour the matter of people

skin & frame :

These chairs are the result of an exploration of three things central to flour’s research focus.  First is flour’s concept of ‘intimate design’.  Second is the ‘re-invention’ of design by combining the ordinary with the extraordinary.  Third is the focus on technological innovation.  All three came together in skin & frame through the forging of traditional furniture and upholstery with state-of-the-art  biologically-inspired artificial skin that covers the chairs, creating a highly intimate sensation [of skin next to yours], whilst preserving / exposing traditional crafts.

Ulla-Stool was commissioned by the Highlands Arts Council. To create it flour worked directly with Mr Byron who is based in east London. He hand turned each Ulla-Stool in solid mahogany. Mr Byron is a traditional crafts man but he is not put off by the challenges of working with new materials. Neither is flour!

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