Flour the matter of people

the land of green ginger :

‘The Land of Green Ginger’ explored spaces of encounters between refugee families who had moved into Hull and their host communities.  Bringing together residents from the Thornton Estate, Hull and recently arrived Congolese refugees we embarked on a beautiful journey of discovery and growth to produce a unique and admirably crafted mass-participation art installation at the Old Ticket hall at Paragon Station in central Hull.   A sea of precious vessels holding the hopes and dreams of men, women and children of all ages and cultures awaiting a new and unknown destination filled the Old Ticket Hall where visitors were invited to come and write their hopes, dreams and aspirations upon a note, to be sealed within their chosen vessel, forever encapsulating their dream. Placing their cocooned hopes upon the floor of the ticket hall a sea of vessels will ebbed and flowed from the space as visitors took another’s encapsulated dream to cherish and nurture forever. A series of poetic short films of the project’s journey along with a series of gigantic individual portraits by the photographer Nana Varveropoulou were also produced and are an integral part of the project.  Revealing the skills and knowledge of both English and Congolese communities living in Hull the project drew upon the city’s heritage proposing a fresh and optimistic journey in which we all learned from one-another.   The project aimed to encourage mutual understanding and the possibility of sharing views and dreams for the future by presenting a collaborative work of art, which the whole city could take great pride in.

Working closely with Goodwin, First Group and Hull City Council Flour have built strong relationships and surpassed their expectations. This has secured future projects in Hull, which will begin with the launch of the short films documenting the process and the resident’s involvement.

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