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Click on the image to hear stories of Village People living in Stockwell Park and Robsart Village.Jesus Police Podcast


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Pat Podcast

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George & Margaret

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Working in partnership with Futurecity Flour is currently running the public art programme for a 5 year phased regeneration/re-development project within Lambeth Council of Stockwell Park, Brixton for Network Housing Group.

‘Village people’ is an exciting new project depicting the residents of Stockwell Park and Robsart Village, capturing genuine characters in the neighbourhood – the people of the Estates as life size temporary hoardings.  Illustrator Thomas Dowse grasped the essence of neighbourhood and its people through an artistic interpretation of the real residents that one is likely to meet when visiting the area.  Dowse’s work captures human emotion through his sensitive and honest approach by depicting current society in real environments.  The sound artist Ben Cummins gave voice to these characters bringing together colourful extracts of vivacious interviews with the residents.  The Village People project ensures that the residents recognise themselves as an integral part of a new, vibrant and positive change for the area.  The project shows Flour’s interest and ability in preserving and valuing the viewpoints of the community and stakeholders in order to create an enjoyable and imaginative environment both in the physical and digital realm through the injection of temporary art.


Click on the image to view a large version of Thomas Dowse’s Village People illustrations.

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