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Everyone’s Air_

St Dunstans College_London

By painting with air and making wind turbines we cultivated an appreciation for the invisible substance that our lives depend on: air

vertical axes for its aesthetic qualities and for the acoustic effects it creates when turning.


The 99 turbines were made with the art work of each participants. Each artwork was painted by blowing air into narrow paper tubes to guide and spread a range of highly pigmented inks onto blackout cloth. With the help of a few of the children’s parents the paintings were attached to the turbines’ structures which were laser cut in-house at St Dunstans’ Design and Technology department according to Fabiane Lee-Perrella’s design.


Once all the turbines were built all the children, teachers, school staff and volunteers came together to bring their own wind turbine to the school’s front lawn to be placed onto wooden polls pre-arranged by Flour Studio into a semicircle pattern.

Everyone’s Air kinetic art installation was the public face of St Dunstans Art Festival in 2017. This vibrant sea of wind turbines could be seen from the road by passers-by as well as drivers and appreciated by the whole community.


St Dunstans College

As part of St Dunstans College Arts Festival 2017, Flour Studio collaborated with children and staff from Key Stage 1 to explore our basic need of air. We discussed the importance of clean air and considered the air quality surrounding the school whilst making a colourful wind turbines garden.

Workshops dedicated to children from 5 to 7 years of age explored the importance of air and the dangers associated with air pollution. Together children, staff and volunteers created an artwork by blowing paint onto fabric which were turned into 99 brightly coloured wind turbines for school front lawn.


‘We need air to survive.’

Dorothy from year 2

‘We should walk or cycle more instead

of driving.’

Oscar from year 1

For this temporary outdoors installation, we opted to make Savonius wind turbines with

Everyone's Air__Front of School
Everyone's Air__Wind Turbine
Everyone's Air__Installation
Everyone's Air__ Children
Everyone's Air__Windmill detail
Everyone's Air__Children
Everyone's Air__ Windmill garden
Everyone's Air__ Windmill garden
Everyone's Air__Wind turbine
Everyone's Air__School front
Everyone's Air__Installation
Everyone's Air__Windmill detail
Everyone's Air__Garden detail
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