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The Land of Green Ginger_

Paragon Station_Hull

A sea of precious vessels holding the hopes and dreams of men, women and children of all ages and cultures.
Having channeled 2.2 million emigrants and refugees through its platforms onto new lives, journeys and destinations, the old ticket hall at the Paragon Station in Hull became a platform for a sea of precious vessels holding the hopes and dreams of men, women and children of all ages and cultures awaiting a new and unknown destination.
Created and developed by Fabiane Lee-Perrella ‘The Land of Green Ginger’ aimed to explore spaces of encounters between refugee families who have moved into Hull from Congo and their host communities.
Aspiring to unveil what was particular and what is universal between the two cultures the project was an organic journey that peaked in a remarkable exhibition encouraging new types of rapport amongst families, communities and cultures within Hull.
Revealing the skills and knowledge of both English and Congolese
communities living in Hull the project drew upon the city’s heritage proposing a fresh and optimistic journey in which we could all learn from one-another.
The project also aimed to encourage mutual understanding and the possibility of sharing views and dreams for the future by presenting a collaborative work of public art, which the whole city took great pride in.
During the exhibition visitors were invited to come and write their hopes, dreams and aspirations upon a small piece of paper, which was sealed within their chosen vessel, forever encapsulating their dream. Placing their cocooned hopes upon the floor of the ticket hall a sea of vessels ebbed and then flowed from the space as visitors took another’s encapsulated dream to cherish and nurture forever.
These vessels were created by the refugees and the English families through the journey of the project and were then manufactured in their hundreds by computerised wood turners in Sheffield.
A series of short films of the project’s journey were produced during this creative journey along with a series of gigantic individual portraits.

The creative team also includes:

Nana Varveropoulou - photographer

Glenn Mottershead- film maker

Hannah Westwood - artist 


Refugee Council


Hull City Council


Goodwin Development Trust

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