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Crossway Foundation_London

Together we constructed a mini pavilion that inverts, reverses and subverts unchallenged notions about the application of basketry.

Wickerd is a small space made in a spontaneous and collaborative way. The project was commissioned by Crossway Foundation and it invited participants to collaborate with Flour to invert, reverse and subvert unchallenged notions about the application of basketry by creating together a new type architectural space through ancient techniques using a mixture of natural and hi-tech man-made materials.

Commonly, basketry is seen as a craft devoted to creating containers. However, for tens of thousands of years people have slept in basket-frame huts, kept predators out with basket fences, gathered life stock basket enclosures and caught fish in basket traps while paddling along a river in a basket-frame boats. 

Even though basketry is a technology that sprung spontaneously virtually in every part of the planet each locality has develop its own techniques and styles.

As part of this collective construction exercise all involved also embarked in intimate new experience that encouraged debate surrounding diversity and plurality through making.

Wickerd moved to the squint/opera HQ offices in London. And some of the creative minds there have warned us that they may keep tinkering and playing with it. We love when the story doesn’t end with us.


Crossway Foundation

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