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The Sound of a Twinkle_

Christmas Mural Commission_Theatre Deli

The percussive sound of ceramics twinkles and is like the sound of gentle sparkles. We think it is lovely.  

The sound of a twinkle. Our goal is to bring to the Theatre Deli an installation that creates a Christmassy atmosphere in the space through sound and visual stimulus.


The percussive sound of ceramics twinkles and is like the sound of gentle sparkles. We think it is lovely.  We are proposing to create a space that reinterprets the Nordic winter foliage in ceramics. Glossy shiny ceramic leaf-like forms that when struck or when tapping each other sound like ceramic bells. This sound would be like the gentle glissando a film maker might use when showing a tree with its leaves covered in snow in a sunny winter morning.


We discovered this when developing another body of work. Last month we made around 130 feather-handled spoons in ceramic for a local event. When transporting and installing these spoons the sound they produced when they touched each other was a sweet and captivating tingle. An unobtrusive and gentle jingle that can change how the ambience of the space feels. We can see it fostering a Christmas spirit at the Theatre Bar.


The installation could be hung from the ceiling or wall. We’d hope to work together with you and make it specifically for the space allocated for it. This installation would, due to the nature of the material, be very light to install requiring very little preparation. Taking down would also be extremely easy and if you don’t want to keep it for another year each ceramic piece could be given as presents to the visitors of the theatre and in this way, it would continue to exist in people’s homes and hopefully decorate their own Christmas trees in years to come. This could be a very special way for your audiences to take a little bit of Theatre Deli home with them.


We hope you like our proposal as much as we do. Please click on this link for a vision board slide show that aims to give life to our concept. Please watch the video with sound on for a full experience of the concept.

Visual and sound references:

The Sound of Ceramics by Polly Apfelbaum and Wang Lu

Breeze by Rekha Goyal

Porcelain Wall by Syra Gomes

Valeria Nascimento

Margareth Boozer

Vision Board

Vision Board

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