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Feature Project

This website is currently being updated and fine-tuned.

September : Feather Spoons of Catford: new work especially created for Catford Arts Trail
June           : New flourStudio website goes live!
March        : Nick Bell’s paper on Early Lab is accepted by She Ji
January      : Fabiane Lee-Perrella delivers collaborative project with students to Stockwell Park Community Centre
September : Early Lab exhibited at Wellcome Collection
June           : Installation of Everyone’s Air at St Dunstans College
December  : The Early Lab website is launched.
October      : Early Lab workshop for NIHR conference
August        : Early Lab/NHS 2nd project: role of schools in wellbeing
July             : Early Lab/NHS 2nd project: culture of schools
   : Modern Man installed at St Joseph’s College
June           : National Institute for Health Research invites Early Lab
December  : Early Lab second project with NHS update: schoolchildren
October      : Early Lab present at mental health conference in Montreal
August        : Design Week reports on Early Lab
    : UAL News reports on Early Lab youth mental health project
July             : Early Lab presents project findings to NHS commissioners
April            : About Eggs and Baskets opening at Allen & Overy HQ
   : Early Lab completes week-long field trip with NHS
March         : Early Lab prepares student team members for field trip
   : Early Lab selects its student team members
January      : flourStudio begins series of workshop at Bethnal Green Academy as part of Allen&Overry ‘s Artbeat scheme
November  : Early Lab wins NHS commission
September : Fabiane Lee-Perrella co-founds new design practice: Early Lab
June           : Fabiane Lee-Perrella is a panellist for the selection of Create & Inspire by Crossway Foundation
May            : flourStudio completes Wickered for Crossway Foundation
April            : flourStudio designs and build UAL space for Milan Design Week
February     : Fabiane Lee-Perrella runs a series of workshops for Platanos College, London
September : Consulting for Community Engagement for Future City
September : Gambiarra Football delivered to Victoria & Albert Museum
May            : Fabiane Lee-Perrella curates Key Ideas 06 – (you) reject for UAL
February     : Fabiane Lee-Perrella curates Key Ideas 05 – (you) use for UAL
November  : Fabiane Lee-Perrella curates Key Ideas 04 – (you) consume for UAL
May            : Installation of Love Plates
   : Fabiane Lee-Perrella curates Key Ideas 03 – Society for UAL
February     : Consulting for Community Engagement for Maredith Gunderson and Cathedral Group
July             : Installation of Southbank Favela
February             : Fabiane Lee-Perrella working with 3D Design student to develop Tate Takeover
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Life is too short to be serious all the time.

So, at FlourStudio we take play seriously.

We play so that we can think better and create better.

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